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March, 2017

School News

Critical Decisions Ahead

Consider what is going through the mind of a high school senior in the EUP when he or she thinks about life after graduation.  “The sky’s the limit.  I am free to pursue anything I wish.  I can make my own decisions.  What university should I attend?  Where can I get training without going to a university?  How will I pay for it?  I want to leave this town.  I want to stay in this town.  What do I want to do with my life?  Where will I work?  How will I pay my bills?”  So much hope and excitement is mixed with uncertainty and stress.

Now, consider a high school senior living in one of the 32 ISDs in Michigan that levy millage to support Career and Technical Education.  This senior may also be considering university or job training and how to pay for it, but this senior is also considering the option of joining the workforce immediately to put the training to work that he or she received while still a high school student.  He or she will have visited the Michigan Talent Bank site that shows over 97,000 skilled trades jobs available in Michigan and will have the chance to consider one of those positions.  He or she may also consider pursuing more education in that same skilled trades area.

Every precinct in Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac Counties will vote on May 2, 2017 to decide whether to approve one mil (that’s $1 for every $1,000 of taxable value) to provide Career and Technical Education opportunities to all high school students in the EUP.  If successful, each high school junior and senior would have the option of at least two Career and Technical Education courses, plus entrepreneurial training offered at their school or a neighboring school.  They would have the opportunities that are offered to students in the 32 ISDs that provide Career and Technical Education in other parts of Michigan.  They would gain the skills to work and live in the EUP, work somewhere else, or continue their education.

Please visit for more information.

Very First Teacher Endorsement to Teach Anishinaabewomin

Chris Gordon Congratulations to Dr. Chris Gordon of JKL Bahweting School on earning Michigan’s very first teacher endorsement in K-12 Foreign Language-Native (FN) officially authorizing him to teach Anishinaabewomin, or Ojibwe language!  Interestingly, Ojibwe has been spoken in this area for hundreds of years, but is considered a “foreign” language by the Michigan Department of Education.  This endorsement is the culmination of many years of hard work by Chris to demonstrate his immense knowledge and preparation in teaching Ojibwe language and culture.

Congratulations, Chris!


School-Wide Reading Systems
St. Ignace Elementary and OCS participated in MTSS Reading Systems Training Day 1 on February 22 to help them in understanding the importance of the why and what of school-side reading model and leadership team role to support it. They will continue this work on March 15 focusing their work on Tier 1 supports.


Illuminate Site Rollover Work Days
Work days for the Site Rollover process are scheduled for March 22 and/or March 23, 2017 at the EUPISD.  Be sure to register in Wisdomwhere (Illuminate: Site Rollover Work Day).

NWEA Pre-built Reports

Have you seen the pre-built reports for NWEA data available within Illuminate?  Check out this multi-subject class roster report (Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilts > NWEA).


General Education

Service Learning

March is National Reading Month and Women’s History Month making this month a great time to bring some philanthropy education and service learning into the classroom. This month’s toolkit features lessons around both those themes, some great reading project ideas and plenty of funding opportunities. Don’t forget to use the pre/post-surveys for any service learning project you plan and email for help compiling the data.

Easy March Service Projects

National Reading Month makes for some easy opportunities to do some in-school service learning.

  • Hold a book drive to benefit the school library or classrooms
  • Organize reading buddies between older and younger students
  • Have students write children’s books to share throughout the schools, maybe something with some local flair?
  • Start a Little Free Library in your community like Pickford has done
  • Students can interview staff and students about their favorite book and feature the readers/favorite books in posters or bulletin boards

Grant Opportunities

Need funding your class’s service learning project? Here are a few mini-grants with deadlines fast approaching. Email if you are interested you have a project that you need help getting some funding for.

Ezra Jack Keats Mini-Grants (Up to $500) to support innovative programs that build creative expression, teamwork, and diversity (Due March 31st)

Karma for Cara Foundation Microgrants ($250-$1,000) to help kids 18 and under to complete a service project in their community (Due April 1st)

Learning to Give Mini-Grants ($250-$1,000) to help teachers #TeachOne of Learning to Give’s lessons and plan a project that connects students to their community.

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Mini-Grants ($200 or $400) to start, support, or celebrate a classroom service campaign.

Reading Month

Reading month is always a fun time for students, staff, and parents alike to focus on the importance of reading in our everyday life. The service learning toolkit in the above section gives some ideas on how to incorporate authentic reading activities during the month. Please feel free to send two to three pictures to highlighting some of your school’s themes and activities so we can highlight them in the next newsletter.

EUP Mathematics and Science Center

Proposed Changes
A recent report submitted by the MiSTEM Council, along with the budget proposed by the Governor’s office calls for significant changes to the Math and Science Centers Network.  These changes would significantly impact the level of student programming, teacher professional learning opportunities, technology access to districts, and strategic partnerships that the EUP Math and Science Center has been able to provide for many years.  If passed, this plan would consolidate the 5 Math and Science Centers in the UP into just 1, which will make it nearly impossible to maintain the current level of services.

To learn more about these proposed changes, and how you can support a legislative decision to maintain the current structure within the Math and Science Centers Network and the Eastern Upper Peninsula Math and Science Center, please see the links below:

EUP Math and Science Center Webpage

EUP Math and Science Center Support Document

Upcoming Student Events

Spring/Summer Professional Learning Opportunities for EUP Teachers

June 2017: Next Generation Science Exemplar (NGSX)The Next Generation Science Exemplar (NGSX) is being offered through the Michigan Math and Science Center’s Network.

NGSX is a face-to-face learning environment, in which the participants in a study group draw on an on-line system that poses tasks for each session and provides rich cases, supportive materials, and scaffolding tools to guide the work.  The focus of NGSX is integrating three-dimensional learning into science classrooms, in which teachers support students in using science and engineering practices to develop, apply, and refine disciplinary and crosscutting ideas. Teachers engage in these practices and investigate classroom cases to explore how to bring these approaches into their own classrooms.  This is a five-day workshop taking place on June 20, 21, 22, 27, 28.  Registration closes on March 15.

July 6-8, 2017: Department of Defense: Forensics and Discovery Math II
DoD STEM is providing a $100.00 per day stipend to all attending teachers who are accepted.

August 21-25, 2017: Summer CRT for Math and Science

We will be integrating Math and Science Summer CRT in an effort to develop innovative curriculum around STEM.  Teachers will have the opportunity to use a project-based format to develop STEM curriculum collaboratively.  This is an excellent opportunity to work in teams to really integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in your curriculum!  Stipends are available.

Family Math Night Kit
This past summer eight Add+VantageMR trained teachers came together to develop a kit of kindergarten to 3rd grade level math games and activities that can be played at home to improve students understand of numeracy and operations.  Three schools in the region have already hosted a Family Math Night event using the kit as a framework for the event.  If you school is interested in hosting a Family Math Night and would like assistance, contact Julie Bazinau,

Special Education

EUPISD Speech Therapist Awarded Mini-Grant
Sarah Hanson, a speech therapist based out of De Tour Area Schools and DATA, was recently awarded a mini-grant from the Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education (MAASE).  The grant, entitled Expanding Expression Tool Grant was selected as one of ten winners from a pool of 55 applications.  The grant awarded Hanson with $500.00.

The Expanding Expression Tool (EET) Program is a multi-sensory tool created to improve oral and written expressive language of students in preschool through eighth grade.  The program promotes development of student abilities in the areas of describing, making connections to prior knowledge, summarizing, autobiographies/biographies and much more.  It has been used in 22 states and over 4,000 classrooms.

The EET Kit includes a variety of resources such as a strand of beads (representing each language area targeted), object cards for describing, stickers for writing prompts and a poster for visual supports.  Activities targeted will include verbal and written descriptions of everyday and academic vocabulary.  She hopes the grant will provide engaging sessions that will improve expressive language for functional and academic communication.

Hanson plans to implement this program beginning in September 2017.   She will initially use the EET Program with students in individualized speech and language group settings.  Once established, she will share the program with both general and special education teachers to support oral and written language goals in classrooms.  Hanson expects students to benefit from the program by increasing their confidence in their ability to communicate, expressively, in academic and social settings.

Congratulations to Sarah Hanson on her achievement!

Cooperative Technical Services

Phishing Emails
Phishing emails attempt to capture login information to gain access to personal information and steal money.  As part of the educational community, successful phishing attempts can also compromise protected student information.  Legitimate entities, including the EUPISD, do not request that you provide login credentials through an email link.  If you receive suspicious emails asking you to enter your login information, please notify us by calling 906-632-5673 or email

Human Resources

MARSP Retirement Information Workshop

The EUPISD will be hosting retirement seminars for MPSERS members:

MARSP Retirement Planning Meeting - Thursday, March 9, 2017, 4:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. (each session is the same and last approximately an hour and a half) - EUPISD Conference Room A

This seminar is for staff that are considering MPSERS Retirement sometime in the next few years or that just want to learn more about their retirement plan. MARSP is the Michigan Association for Retired School Personnel.

MARSP’s retirement planning experts present: the MRPS Pension Seminar with all the essential information needed to start thinking about retirement. This seminar is available to all public school and college employees who are members of the MPSERS retirement plan.

Topics include:

  • Purchasing Service Credit
  • Pension Option
  • Retirement Planning and how to maximize your pension
  • Rights as a Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) retiree and who is best to represent those rights
  • When can you retire
  • Health Insurance eligibility
  • Any other questions about retirement

Cost: FREE

Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend

To be sure there are adequate handouts, please RSVP no later than one week prior at: the MARSP Events Page. The events are listed in date sequence, find and select this event.

Reminder: Don't forget to log in at least annually to your MPSERS MiAccount at the Michigan Office of Retirement Services Website to review your information.


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